As a freelance digital artist and illustrator, I worked on 4 children’s books amongst other types of digital art commissions and projects over the last 12 months, and in this series of blog posts I’ll share some hints and lessons I’ve learned.


When a client approaches you asking about ‘the price of your illustrations’, don’t get too excited and give a price over phone or WhatsApp. You have to ask some questions first, because your price completely depends on what the client wants.

Instead, ask the client to give you (1) a briefing about the project and (2) an idea…

This digital painting is inspired, sadly, by the explosion which hit Beirut on 4 August and, proudly, by the Beirutis and their resilience.

Two women chatting uniterrupted by the big explosion nearby. Inspired by Beirut explosion. Digital painting by Alhyari Art.
Beirut Breeze | Narrative Digital Painting | by Alhyari

This artwork was painted digitally in Procreate.

Beirut Breeze | Digital Painting Timelapse Video (Procreate) | by Alhyari

“Muhammad at-Tayieb” al-Hyari
Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator | Khobar, Saudi Arabia

The Terminal | Narrative Digital Painting | by Alhyari

When his pouch was run through the X-ray scanner, a bottle of frozen liquid was shouting for attention. Since the flight was not due before 2 hours, he was calm when he untied the knot for the alert officials in black uniforms. They inspected the olive oil bottle carefully, knocked on the eggs he separated in socks one by one and argued if the sound was natural, and they seized one Kilogram of grape leaves stuffed with rice, that was all his supply.

On the look for a quiet corner to wait until his flight was called, he was reflecting…

fox reaching out to magical, glowing, white flower in mangrove tunnel. digital painting by alhyari
In The Mangrove Tunnel | Narrative Digital Painting | by Alhyari

Another magical story would have taken place in this mangrove tunnel, but because the commissioning company and I didn’t reach an agreement, the tunnel was left bleak and desolate.

The Sheikh | Digital Watercolor Portrait Painting | by Alhyari

“When the leader of the [enemy tribe] came up, and cried out to him to throw down his turban and his life should be spared. The Sheikh, rather than do what, according to Bedouin notions, would have stained his reputation ever after, exclaimed, “I shall not uncover my head before my enemies;” and was immediately killed with the thrust of a lance.”

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land (London, 1822) — John Lewis Burckhardt

This artwork was painted in Procreate using digital watercolor & ink paints and setup.

“I’m With Her” | Portrait Of Iyad Al-Hallaq

This artwork was designed for a UN initiative to help in translating critical public health messages into engaging artworks. I used cinematic storytelling techniques to deliver a global message and here I’m sharing some of the insights.

The view has not changed much since this very sun stood still for an hour so that Joshua (the biblical Hoshea) could finish his battle in daylight, but the scene has changed; perhaps he saw a river that is now a stream of mud, and a sea that is now eroding, but he did not see Jericho, Nablus and Jerusalem, which he was on his way to, a distant dream.

Digital landscape painting of a sunset. It shows the sun going down over Palestine as seen from as-Salt, Jordan.
Once Upon A Sunset | Digital Painting | 3840 x 2160 pixels | Alhyari.Art

The Saltis (people of as-Salt, my lovely hometwon in Jordan) all have two common stories: one with a city view and one with a western view of Palestine. I will…

حينما كانت الأسواق الماليّة تصبّ وافر استثماراتها في شركة WeWork الصّانعة للخسائر، اختارت كريستينا زابليتال، وهي كاتبة ومدرّبة في مجال الأعمال، الاستثمار في فنّي. وعندما ادّعى آدم نيومان، الرّئيس التّنفيذيّ لـ WeWork، أنّ هدفه لم يكن مجرّد كسب المال أو تأجير المساحات المكتبيّة، بل “تغيير العالم”، كان كلّ ما ادّعيته أنّ بوسعي رسم جدّي كريستينا الرّاحلين.. بشيء من الحبّ.

ليس صعباً تخيّلُ مستقبلٍ قريبٍ تحلّ فيه الآلاتُ محلّ المبدعين على تفاوت مهاراتهم، وهي -لا شكّ- ستبدأ بأولئك الّذين لا يبثّون نفحاتٍ من أرواحهم في أعمالهم. …

Artistry has a way of bringing to light the starkest of contrasts.

When the markets were financing the loss-making WeWork, Kristyna Zapletal, a personal and business coach and writer, chose to invest in my work. While WeWork’s CEO Adam Neumann famously claimed his goal wasn’t merely to make money or rent office space but to “change the world,” I humbly claimed I could paint Kristyna’s late grandparents with love.

It’s not hard to imagine a future world where machines will replace creative people, of all skill levels, who don’t put their souls in their works. I had that in mind…

“Muhammad at-Tayieb” al-Hyari

I’m a freelance digital artist & illustrator based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia |

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